Vael Victus

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About Me

Picture of Vael Victus I am Spencer "Vael" Victus. I work in the financial tech industry and in my spare time I run Tinydark, a player-first indie game microstudio.
I live in upstate South Carolina with my wife, Evelyn Victus, and our three kids: Abel (13 years old), Violet (3 years old), and Olivia (1 ½ year old). I spend most of my time making games, playing games, and raising my kids. I'm a motivation junkie and love staying productive, whether it's code, writing, fitness, or research.

My Work


I publish my games under Tinydark. I adhere to a code of ethics with my design, because I believe games should be doing more to directly benefit the player.
  • URPG (alpha) - Open-World Roleplaying MMORPG
  • Black Crown: Exhumed (2023) - Narrative horror; revival of the original game by Rob Sherman
  • Bean Grower (2018) - Casual strategy game about growing beans
  • MonBre (2010) - Monster MMORPG


  • GAM3 - tinydark's proprietary web game engine
  • Tinydark Hub - Single sign-on for all tinydark games
  • Tinydark Lab - Prototypes and demos of unfinished games